• Alabaster (Sheen)
  • Alabaster (Matt)
  • Aluminium (Abstract Matt)
  • Amaro (Sheen)
  • Amaro (Matt)
  • Angora Oak (Woodmatt)
  • Anthracite Metallic (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Anthracite Metallic (Ultraglaze DS)
  • Antico Oak (Woodmatt)
  • Antique (Matt)
  • Arctic Ice (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Arctic Ice (Ultraglaze DS)
  • Artisan Oak (Matt)
  • Avion Grey (Matt)
  • Avion Grey (Venette SS)
  • Avion Grey (Venette DS)
  • Belgian Oak (Matt)
  • Bespoke (Legato)
  • Bespoke (Woodmatt)
  • Black (Createc DS)
  • Black (Ultramatt DS)
  • Black (Venette SS)
  • Black (Venette DS)
  • Black (Createc SS)
  • Black (Matt)
  • Black (Finegrain)
  • Black (Woodmatt)
  • Black (Texture)
  • Black (Ultramatt SS)
  • Black Wenge (Createc DS)
  • Black Wenge (Createc SS)
  • Black Wenge (Matt)
  • Black Wenge (Venette SS)
  • Black Wenge (Ravine)
  • Black Wenge (Venette DS)
  • Bleached Walnut (Ravine)
  • Bleached Walnut (Legato)
  • Blossom White (Sheen)
  • Blossom White (Venette SS)
  • Blossom White (Venette DS)
  • Blossom White (Matt)
  • Blossom White (Woodmatt)
  • Bone White (Legato)
  • Bottega Oak (Woodmatt)
  • BRONZE GOLD LEAF (Metallic)
  • Brushed Aluminium (Laminate (Not available for Doors, Drawer Fronts, Panels or Cabinets))
  • Cafe Cream (Sheen)
  • Cafe Cream (Matt)
  • Cafe Oak (Ravine)
  • Canterbury Grey (Venette SS)
  • Canterbury Grey (Venette DS)
  • Canterbury Grey (Matt)
  • Caraway (Matt)
  • Carbon Micro (Abstract Matt)
  • Casentino Beech (Woodmatt)
  • Castel (Legato)
  • Cavia Lini (Finegrain)
  • Cavia Lini (Createc DS)
  • Cavia Lini (Createc SS)
  • Cavia Lini (Matt)
  • Cavia Lini (Sheen)
  • Champagne Metallic (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Champagne Metallic (Ultraglaze DS)
  • Char Oak (Matt)
  • Char Oak (Ravine)
  • Cinder (Matt)
  • Cinder (Createc DS)
  • Cinder (Createc SS)
  • Cinder (Venette SS)
  • Cinder (Venette DS)
  • Classic White (Sheen)
  • Classic White (Ashgrain)
  • Classic White (Texture)
  • Classic White (Matt)
  • Cloudy Grey (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Cloudy Grey (Ultraglaze DS)
  • Coastal Oak (Woodmatt)
  • Combat Teak (Matt)
  • COPPER LEAF (Metallic)
  • Cream (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Cream (Ultraglaze DS)
  • Crema Lini (Matt)
  • Crisp White (Legato)
  • Designer White (Texture)
  • Distressed Wood (Ravine)
  • Drifted Oak (Ravine)
  • Drifted Oak (Legato)
  • Empire Oak (Woodmatt)
  • Estella Oak (Woodmatt)
  • European Walnut (Matt)
  • Feldspar Shimmer (Abstract Matt)
  • Ferro (Matt)
  • Florentine Walnut (Woodmatt)
  • Gesso Lini (Matt)
  • Graphite (Matt)
  • Greige (Matt)
  • Grey Cement (Legato)
  • Havana Oak (Woodmatt)
  • Highland Cherry (Matt)
  • Husk (Matt)
  • Jamaican Walnut (Createc SS)
  • Jamaican Walnut (Matt)
  • Jasmine (Ultramatt DS)
  • Jasmine (Ultramatt SS)
  • Latte Lini (Matt)
  • Light Brass Leaf (Metallic)
  • Maison Oak (Matt)
  • Maison Oak (Ravine)
  • Maison Oak (Legato)
  • Malt (Sheen)
  • Malt (Matt)
  • Marina Grey (Sheen)
  • Marina Grey (Matt)
  • Marni Lini (Matt)
  • Marni Lini (Sheen)
  • Marni Lini (Finegrain)
  • Maroso Milan (Ravine)
  • Maroso Milan (Legato)
  • Mineral Metallic (Ultramatt SS)
  • Mineral Metallic (Ultramatt DS)
  • Mink (Ultramatt SS)
  • Mink (Ultramatt DS)
  • Montage (Legato)
  • Moss Grey (Sheen)
  • Moss Grey (Matt)
  • Natural Oak (Matt)
  • Natural Oak (Ravine)
  • New Antique White (Sheen)
  • New Antique White (Matt)
  • New Ultra White (Createc DS)
  • New Ultra White (Createc SS)
  • Nickel (Abstract Matt)
  • Nordic Oak (Woodmatt)
  • Notaio Walnut (Ravine)
  • Notaio Walnut (Woodmatt)
  • Nouveau Grey (Matt)
  • Nouveau Grey (Venette SS)
  • Nouveau Grey (Venette DS)
  • Obsidian Metallic (Ultramatt DS)
  • Obsidian Metallic (Ultramatt SS)
  • Oxford (Matt)
  • Oxford (Venette SS)
  • Oxford (Venette DS)
  • OYSTER GREY (Matt)
  • Palace Teak (Woodmatt)
  • Papyrus (Legato)
  • Parchment (Matt)
  • Pearl Metallic (Ultraglaze DS)
  • Pearl Metallic (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Perugian Walnut (Woodmatt)
  • Pewter Metallic (Ultramatt SS)
  • Pewter Metallic (Ultramatt DS)
  • Phantom Black (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Phantom Black (Ultraglaze DS)
  • PLATINUM LEAF (Metallic)
  • Polar White (Sheen)
  • Polar White (Matt)
  • Porcelain (Sheen)
  • Porcelain (Matt)
  • Prime Oak (Woodmatt)
  • PURE GOLD LEAF (Metallic)
  • Quarry Micro (Abstract Matt)
  • Riga Ember (Finegrain)
  • Riga Salt (Finegrain)
  • Riga Zinc (Finegrain)
  • Rocco lini (Finegrain)
  • Rocco lini (Matt)
  • Rocco lini (Sheen)
  • Rojo Walnut (Woodmatt)
  • Rose Gold Leaf (Metallic)
  • Royal Oyster (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Royal Oyster (Ultraglaze DS)
  • Satra Wood (Ravine)
  • Sepia Oak (Ravine)
  • Serene (Legato)
  • Serene (Woodmatt)
  • Shannon Oak (Matt)
  • Shannon Oak (Sheen)
  • Silk (Legato)
  • Silk (Woodmatt)
  • SMOKE SHIMMER (Abstract Matt)
  • Soft Walnut (Matt)
  • Soft Walnut (Ravine)
  • Stone Grey (Createc DS)
  • Stone Grey (Createc SS)
  • Stone Grey (Sheen)
  • Stone Grey (Matt)
  • Strata Grey (Createc SS)
  • Strata Grey (Createc DS)
  • Strata Grey (Sheen)
  • Strata Grey (Matt)
  • Superior White (Ultraglaze SS)
  • Superior White (Ultraglaze DS)
  • Tasmanian Oak (Woodmatt)
  • Taupe (Matt)
  • Tessuto Milan (Ravine)
  • Tessuto Milan (Matt)
  • Titanium (Abstract Matt)
  • Truffle Lini (Matt)
  • Truffle Lini (Createc DS)
  • Truffle Lini (Sheen)
  • Tuross Oak (Matt)
  • Ultra White (Venette SS)
  • Ultra White (Venette DS)
  • White (Ultramatt SS)
  • White (Ultramatt DS)
  • White Cement (Legato)
  • White Cotton (Matt)
  • White HMR (Texture)
  • White Mist (Sheen)
  • White Mist (Matt)
  • Whitewood (Matt)

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Standard left side door with 3 hinges

Hinges are NOT included for this product and needs to be purchased seperately


Material chooser

Click the Material chooser to select your external material type (as indicated by the red material in the product image).
This door can be 640mm to 2400mm high.
This door can be 100mm to 1200mm wide..
Hinge positions

Default hinge positions are 100mm from top and bottom of the door. Doors with more than 2 hinges have the remainder evenly distributed for you.

Select Custom to enter your own values.
All hinges are measured from the TOP of the door except that last hinge position, which is measured from the BOTTOM of the door.
There must be at least 120mm between hinges.

NOTE: For "Custom" you must enter a value for all hinges.
Measured from the TOP of the door to the centre of the hinge and must be from 60mm to 200mm.
Measured from the TOP of the door to the centre of this hinge. There MUST be at least 120mm between hinges.
Measured from the BOTTOM of the door to the centre of the hinge and must be from 60mm to 200mm.
*All prices shown are GST inclusive and updated based on your selections.