Assembly Notice

Make sure that you have checked and measured all access ways. Large pantry and corner units could present a problem if it is assembled beforehand as these units may be wider than your entry way allows.

Base units are constructed to be installed on the floor to form the base on which your worktops are installed. These units are available in standard box or L-shape corner configurations. Carcasses are constructed from White HMR board with a 1mm tape applied to all the required edges. We also use solid 16mm HMR backs on all units, which provides a very sturdy end product.

Base units will be drilled for adjustable feet enabling you to install your units perfectly plum.

* Please take note manufactured units may differ slightly from website images

Things to remember:

Items are supplied as complete units and all standard hardware such as hinges and runners are included. Where units with doors are required, such doors will be supplied in the colour selected.

All carcasses will have screw holes for construction purposes. Should any of the sides be visible e.g. not tucked in between other carcasses or walls, it is advisable to order side finishing panels. This is done by navigating to the "PANEL" menu and entering your required size and board finish.

As carcasses are installed using adjustable feet, you should order a kickplate to finish this area off. Kickplates are listed as the first product on the "BASE" menu page. 

Cabinet depth entered is the carcass depth only and does not include the thickness of the door materials. Eg. 560mm Cabinets ordered with a door would be 560mm deep plus the thickness of the door material.