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How it works

1. Plan Your Dream Kitchen

All projects need great planning. Our free and easy-to-use planner will help you design your millimeter perfect dream kitchen. Decide on your kitchen layout, measure the walls, and draw a plan of all the cabinets.

2. Select the Style and Colours of Your Materials

With 355 colours to choose from, in eight different finishes, from Australia’s leading suppliers, you’ll be able to choose the perfect look for your dream kitchen. Plus, you can do so with the knowledge that our processes and systems provide you with colour consistency to enable you to add additional DIY units at a later stage without the worry of colours matching up.

3. Order Using the Online System

Select and add your desired products through our easy-to-use online ordering system. You will enter all of the dimensions, for every aspect of your new dream kitchen, and you can customise further by adding shelves, shelf types, and more!

To place your order, simply go to and enter your required items.

4. Delivery to Your Door

Once you have finished adding your items, and placed the order, our Australian owned and based factory will set to work manufacturing your DIY flat pack kitchen. Once we have finished, we will package up your DIY flat pack kitchen so that it will arrive damage free. Our trusted delivery service will keep you up to date with delivery to your door.

5. Install Your DIY Flat Pack Kitchen

With our easy to use instructions, and millimetre perfect manufacturing, you will find installing your flat pack kitchen a DIY dream.

Then, the only thing left to do is to enjoy your new kitchen, safe in the knowledge that all our work is guaranteed for 7 years with an extended lifetime warranty on all hardware items.