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Your kitchen is a focal point of your home. That is why we only offer materials that are not only beautiful but also robust and which will enhance your living experience while still being cost-effective.

With 355 colours to choose from, in eight different finishes, from Australia’s leading suppliers, we have exactly what you need to design your perfect dream kitchen.

Further, all doors and panels are edged with a matching 1mm ABS edge strip. ABS is a highly resistant laminate banding which is abrasion resistant, impact resistant, mechanically & thermally resilient, and ecologically sound. It will protect your kitchen edges from every day use for years to come.

As an Australian owned company, manufacturing in Australia, we only use leading Australian suppliers which include Polytec and Surteco. By sourcing our materials from quality Australian suppliers, we can offer colour consistency which enables you to add additional DIY units at a later stage, without the worry of colours matching up.

Plus, all our work is guaranteed for 7 years with an extended lifetime warranty on all hardware items.

Scroll down to view our available products.

Please Note: Different finishes attract different prices due to the manufacturing process of the raw materials. For example, a gloss material is more expensive than a matte or textured finish material. You can get a feel for the pricing based by the indicative $ symbols used in the description boxes below.

Feel free to inquire should you require any other material option.

If you require any colour and finish samples please visit the Polytec website here or the Laminex website here, select the colour and finishes you require and your free samples will be mailed to you.


This is a low maintenance product and is the most popular due to its high quality and durable finish which is available in various colours at an affordable price.

This product is available in the following finishes:

Matt    $

Matt finish has a fine textured surface that offers good durability while retaining a high degree of decorative clarity.

Sheen    $

Sheen finish is a smooth shiny melamine surface with a medium level of gloss.

Texture    $

Texture finish is a traditional medium textured surface that offers a high degree of wearability.

Ashgrain    $

Ashgrain finish is a subtle wood grain-like surface embossing.

Woodmatt    $$

This product is a printed wood grain finish with a natural appearance.

Finegrain    $$

Finegrain finish is a fine linear embossing.

Metalic Leaf    $$

Metallic Leaf finish is a fine textured surface with low reflectivity. The Metallic Leaf ranges have inherent properties which may show directional lines, waves and colour variances.

Createc    $$$

Createc delivers an ultra high gloss finish which adds a polished sophisticated look.

Ravine    $$$

The Ravine range is a natural touch timber surface lightly coloured with warm and inviting shades.

Flint    $

A subtle, textured finish with a soft sheen.

Natural    $

A durable, low sheen, smooth touch finish.

Agave (Smooth)
Aged Ash (Flint)
Aged Ash (Chalk)
Aged Walnut (Natural)
Aged Walnut (Chalk)
Alabaster (Matt)
Alabaster (Sheen)
Alabaster (Flint)
Alaskan (Natural)
Alpaca (Flint)
Alpine Mist (Natural)
Aluminium (Abstract Matt)
Amaro (Matt)
Amaro (Sheen)
Angora Oak (Woodmatt)
Anthracite Metallic (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Anthracite Metallic (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Antico Oak (Woodmatt)
Antique (Matt)
Aquamarine (Natural)
Arctic Ice (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Arctic Ice (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Aries (Flint)
Artisan Beamwood (Natural)
Artisan Beamwood (Chalk)
Artisan Oak (Matt)
Ash White (Flint)
Avignon Walnut (Natural)
Avignon Walnut (Chalk)
Avion Grey (Matt)
Avion Grey (Venette Single Sided)
Avion Grey (Venette Double Sided)
Basalt (Natural)
Battalion (Flint)
Baye (Flint)
Bayleaf (Flint)
Belgian Oak (Matt)
Bespoke (Legato)
Bespoke (Woodmatt)
Black (Matt)
Black (Woodmatt)
Black (Createc Single Sided)
Black (Texture)
Black (Createc Double Sided)
Black (Ultramatt Single Sided)
Black (Ultramatt Double Sided)
Black (Finegrain)
Black (Venette Single Sided)
Black (Venette Double Sided)
Black (Flint)
Black Birchply (Natural)
Black Birchply (Chalk)
Black Wenge (Matt)
Black Wenge (Createc Single Sided)
Black Wenge (Ravine)
Black Wenge (Createc Double Sided)
Black Wenge (Venette Single Sided)
Black Wenge (Venette Double Sided)
Blackened Elm (Natural)
Blackened Elm (Chalk)
Blackened Legno (Natural)
Blackened Legno (Chalk)
Blackened Linewood (Natural)
Bleached Elm (Natural)
Bleached Elm (Chalk)
Bleached Walnut (Ravine)
Bleached Walnut (Legato)
Bleached Wenge (Natural)
Bleached Wenge (Chalk)
Blossom White (Matt)
Blossom White (Sheen)
Blossom White (Venette Single Sided)
Blossom White (Venette Double Sided)
Blossom White (Woodmatt)
Bone White (Legato)
Bottega Oak (Woodmatt)
Brushed Aluminium (Laminate (Not available for Doors, Drawer Fronts, Panels or Cabinets))
Burnished Wood (Natural)
Burnt Ochre (Natural)
Cafe Cream (Matt)
Cafe Oak (Ravine)
Calm White (Natural)
Canterbury Grey (Matt)
Canterbury Grey (Venette Single Sided)
Canterbury Grey (Venette Double Sided)
Caraway (Matt)
Casentino Beech (Woodmatt)
Castel (Legato)
Cavia Lini (Matt)
Cavia Lini (Sheen)
Cavia Lini (Finegrain)
Cavia Lini (Createc Single Sided)
Cavia Lini (Createc Double Sided)
Chalk White (Natural)
Chalky Teak (Natural)
Chamois (Flint)
Champagne Metallic (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Champagne Metallic (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Char Oak (Matt)
Char Oak (Ravine)
Charcoal (Flint)
Cherry Riftwood (Natural)
Cinder (Matt)
Cinder (Createc Single Sided)
Cinder (Createc Double Sided)
Cinder (Venette Single Sided)
Cinder (Venette Double Sided)
Classic Oak (Natural)
Classic White (Matt)
Classic White (Sheen)
Classic White (Ashgrain)
Classic White (Texture)
Clay Textile (Natural)
Cloudy Grey (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Cloudy Grey (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Coastal Oak (Woodmatt)
Combat Teak (Matt)
Concrete Formwood (Natural)
Concrete Formwood (Chalk)
COPPER LEAF (Metallic)
Cream (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Cream (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Crema Lini (Matt)
Crisp White (Legato)
Curly Birch (Natural)
Danish Walnut (Natural)
Danish Walnut (Chalk)
Dansk Maple (Natural)
Delana Oak (Natural)
Delana Oak (Chalk)
Denim (Natural)
Designer White (Texture)
Distressed Wood (Ravine)
Domain (Natural)
Drifted Oak (Ravine)
Drifted Oak (Legato)
Earth (Flint)
Elegant Oak (Natural)
Elegant Oak (Chalk)
Empire Oak (Woodmatt)
Enamel (Natural)
Espresso (Flint)
Espresso Ligna (Natural)
Estella Oak (Woodmatt)
European Walnut (Matt)
Feldspar Shimmer (Abstract Matt)
Ferro (Matt)
Flax (Flint)
Florentine Walnut (Woodmatt)
Fossil (Flint)
Fox (Natural)
Fox Teakwood (Natural)
Fox Teakwood (Chalk)
French Cream (Natural)
French Navy (Flint)
Fresh Spring (Natural)
Gesso Lini (Matt)
Ghostgum (Flint)
Ghostgum (Natural)
Graphite (Matt)
Green Slate (Flint)
Greige (Matt)
Greige Textile (Natural)
Grey Cement (Legato)
Greystone (Natural)
Gunmetal (Flint)
Havana Oak (Woodmatt)
Highland Cherry (Matt)
Honey Elm (Natural)
Honey Elm (Chalk)
Hushed Pine (Flint)
Husk (Matt)
Infinity (Flint)
Jamaican Walnut (Matt)
Jamaican Walnut (Createc Single Sided)
JAMAICAN WALNUT (Createc Double Sided)
Jarrah Legno (Natural)
Jarrah Legno (Chalk)
Jasmine (Ultramatt Single Sided)
Jasmine (Ultramatt Double Sided)
Jericho (Natural)
Juicy (Flint)
Just Blue (Natural)
Just Lilac (Natural)
Just Rose (Natural)
Kalamata (Flint)
Latte Lini (Matt)
Lava Grey (Natural)
Licorice Linea (Natural)
Light Brass Leaf (Metallic)
Lustrous Elm (Natural)
Maison Oak (Ravine)
Maison Oak (Matt)
Maison Oak (Legato)
Malt (Matt)
Mandarin (Flint)
Manhattan Concrete (Natural)
Marina Grey (Matt)
Marni Lini (Matt)
Marni Lini (Finegrain)
Maroso Milan (Ravine)
Maroso Milan (Legato)
Milano Walnut (Natural)
Milkwood (Natural)
Mineral Metallic (Ultramatt Single Sided)
Mineral Metallic (Ultramatt Double Sided)
Mink (Ultramatt Single Sided)
Mink (Ultramatt Double Sided)
Moleskin (Flint)
Montage (Legato)
Moose (Natural)
Moroccan Clay (Flint)
Moss Grey (Matt)
Moss Grey (Sheen)
Natural Ash (Natural)
Natural Oak (Matt)
Natural Oak (Ravine)
Natural Teak (Natural)
Natural Walnut (Natural)
Natural Walnut (Chalk)
New Antique White (Matt)
New Antique White (Flint)
New Graphite (Flint)
New Ultra White (Createc Single Sided)
New Ultra White (Createc Double Sided)
Nickel (Abstract Matt)
Nocturne Oak (Natural)
Nordic Oak (Woodmatt)
Notaio Walnut (Woodmatt)
Notaio Walnut (Ravine)
Nouveau Grey (Matt)
Nouveau Grey (Venette Single Sided)
Nouveau Grey (Venette Double Sided)
Obsidian Metallic (Ultramatt Single Sided)
Obsidian Metallic (Ultramatt Double Sided)
Oiled Legno (Chalk)
Oiled Legno (Natural)
Olivine (Natural)
Olympia Blue (Flint)
Olympia Yellow (Flint)
Oxford (Matt)
Oxford (Venette Single Sided)
Oxford (Venette Double Sided)
Oxidised Beamwood (Natural)
Oxidised Beamwood (Chalk)
Oyster Grey (Flint)
Oyster Linea (Natural)
Palace Teak (Woodmatt)
Pale Honey (Natural)
Paper Bark (Flint)
Papyrus (Legato)
Parchment (Matt)
Parchment (Flint)
Parchment (Flint)
Peacock (Natural)
Pearl Grey (Flint)
Pearl Metallic (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Pearl Metallic (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Perugian Walnut (Woodmatt)
Peruvian Clay (Natural)
Pewter (Flint)
Pewter Metallic (Ultramatt Single Sided)
Pewter Metallic (Ultramatt Double Sided)
Phantom Black (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Phantom Black (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Pillarbox (Natural)
Planked Urban Oak (Natural)
Planked Urban Oak (Chalk)
Platinum Micro (Flint)
Polar White (Matt)
Polar White (Sheen)
Polar White (Flint)
Porcelain (Matt)
Porcelain (Sheen)
Porcelain Blush (Natural)
Possum (Natural)
Prime Oak (Woodmatt)
Pumice (Flint)
Raw Birchply (Natural)
Raw Birchply (Chalk)
Raw Cotton (Natural)
Raw White (Satin Board)
Riga Salt (Finegrain)
Rocco lini (Matt)
Rock Maple (Natural)
Rojo Walnut (Woodmatt)
Rose Gold Leaf (Metallic)
Royal Oyster (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Royal Oyster (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Rural Oak (Natural)
Rural Oak (Chalk)
Salvage Planked Elm (Natural)
Salvage Planked Elm (Chalk)
Sarsen Grey (Flint)
Satra Wood (Ravine)
Seasoned Oak (Natural)
Seasoned Oak (Chalk)
Seasoned Oak (Chalk)
Seasoned Planked Elm (Natural)
Seasoned Planked Elm (Chalk)
Seed (Natural)
Select Beech (Natural)
Sepia Oak (Ravine)
Serene (Legato)
Serene (Woodmatt)
Shannon Oak (Matt)
Shou Sugi (Natural)
Shou Sugi (Chalk)
Silk (Legato)
Silk (Woodmatt)
Silver Ash (Natural)
Silver Grey (Flint)
Smoked Birchply (Natural)
Smoked Birchply (Chalk)
Smoky Sapelle (Natural)
Soft Walnut (Matt)
Soft Walnut (Ravine)
Spinifex (Natural)
Steel Blue (Flint)
Stipple Seal (Natural)
Stipple Smoke (Natural)
Stone Grey (Matt)
Stone Grey (Createc Single Sided)
Stone Grey (Createc Double Sided)
Stone Grey (Sheen)
Stormcloud (Flint)
Strata Grey (Matt)
Strata Grey (Sheen)
Strata Grey (Createc Single Sided)
Strata Grey (Createc Double Sided)
Sublime Teak (Natural)
Sublime Teak (Chalk)
Super White (Flint)
Superior White (Ultraglaze Single Sided)
Superior White (Ultraglaze Double Sided)
Surf (Natural)
Tasmanian Oak (Woodmatt)
Taupe (Matt)
Terril (Flint)
Tessuto Milan (Matt)
Tessuto Milan (Ravine)
Titanium (Abstract Matt)
Tornado (Flint)
Truffle Lini (Matt)
Truffle Lini (Sheen)
Truffle Lini (Createc Double Sided)
Tuross Oak (Matt)
Ultra White (Venette Single Sided)
Ultra White (Venette Double Sided)
Washboard (Natural)
Waxed Maple (Natural)
Weathered Ash (Natural)
Weathered Ash (Chalk)
White (Ultramatt Single Sided)
White (Ultramatt Double Sided)
White (Flint)
White Cement (Legato)
White Cotton (Matt)
White HMR (Texture)
White Linen (Natural)
White Mist (Matt)
White Mist (Sheen)
White Painted Wood (Natural)
White Textile (Natural)
Whitewashed Oak (Natural)
Whitewood (Matt)
Winter Sky (Flint)
Young Beech (Natural)
Zincworks (Natural)